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I am making Dowsing rods in copper , brass and stainless steel and turning pendulums in aluminum and brass please email for more info



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Nr Carmarthen 23rd September 2023


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Dowsing is an age old tool which has many uses. Dowsing has been used for finding water, oil and minerals, myself and my family have used dowsing for decades to help peoples health and wellbeing through allergy testing, stress release and Feng Shui. My mother Joy Lange has been running dowsing courses for many years and I have also started teaching the knowledge to open minded people.



I am Mark Lange and I am running courses here in Wales and beyond as I will travel to run a workshops subject numbers and travelling, I have been a dowser for over 20 years years and have used the skill for various modalities.


Dowsing has been in my family for over two generations, my Grandfather came back form India with it and used it probably for gardening as he was a keen herb grower, then my Mother has been a Dowser for over fourty year and my children and nephews and nieces are using it.


I have used my dowsing skills for Stress Release, Ancestral Stress Release, Allergy testing and Feng Shui in my 20 years of being a Complementary Practitioner.


I am passionate about Dowsing and I want to show people who cannot Dowse or find it difficult the excitment abd enthusiasm I have for this talent.



Joy Lange ( my Mothers ) book "Dowsing For Joy" A manual for gaining and maintaining your health and vitality, is out now and can be ordered from me one of the only suippliers of the book email




My Mother, Joy started to teach people how to dowse over 40 years ago, it started with one course but students kept asking more courses and gradually has built four courses to help people, course four is being run for the first time this year which is the ancestral stress release and more advanced stress release.



Part 1 Learn to pendulum dowse, Allergy testing, Chakra balancing, Bach Flower and Tissue Salts using Dowsing, House energy clearance.



Part 2 Emotional Stress release, clearing stress through use of the pendulum.



Part 3 Colours, Shapes, Signs and symbols.



Part 4 Advanced Emotional Stress release and Ancestral Stress Release.




The student decides what courses they take but must be in sequence to add consistency, but by just taking the first course a student can help themselves greatly and even start using Dowsing with their chosen modalities.



The first course is mainly for the beginner but it is a grounding point and a key for all our courses, learning to use a pendulum, dowsing food samples, dowsing over a list of food stuffs and the use of Tissue salts and Bach Flower remedies, clearing negative energy but it brings you to a level to move on to part 2. Overall these courses help the student clear a lot of their issues and problems.



The second course is a run on from the first and deals with dowsing and Emotional Stress Release, a way of finding those hidden stresses you might know exist and how you can clear them with the aid of dowsing. There can be underlying issues from childhood cropping up causing your problems in life and even past life stuff. With dowsing we can locate the issues needed to be cleared in a simple and easy way, this is sometimes tearful and helps to clear these underlying problems.



The part three is for Colours Symbols and Signs, using various different signs and images to help health and vitality, Colours can help us in various ways, from eating a colourful spectrum of foods to the clothes we wear.



The part four is more advanced Emotional Stress Release, I found that I was being affected by my ancestors I believe through my DNA, and when I changed some of my stuff  some of the family noticed a difference in themselves. I believe that our emotions are hidden behind different locks and I realised it is not possible to have one key fits all locks I started to realise that we needed the help of other keys.






Please email me for more details or to book on the courses.





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If your area is not listed, you have a few choices, contact me and and I will advertise the area or start getting a few people together who are interested usual eight people is good number to run a course


I have also been asked over time by a couple of regular clients to find historic places etc, this I am happy to do and also use some psyhic talents I ahve at the same time. Whilst at the present there has been treasures dug up my clients have been more than happy with the information I have given and am giving. A lot of the sites have been historically correct although my knowledge personally is next to non existant.


I have also been asked to dowse house moves on numerous occasions using an online map, for the best location and abode to move to, I have picked up some scarily accurate information about some properties.

Two such properties in Ireland I have never seen, I picked up a very negative energy and another issues with plumbing, the first had a murder nearby the second all the plumbing had been ripped out


I will if required dowse for lost items or pets if required but my time cost please note this prior to sending questions. I know the loss of an animal or property can be very emotional I can not always dowse for many reasons please respect my decision as sometimes I  wont know why.



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